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Product care

Enjoy your jewelry.  

With the proper care of your jewelry you can enjoy them for a long time.

Take of your jewelry when you sleep, are activ at sports, swim or bath, and at any

other time where you do not benefit from wearing your jewelry, as it may cause unnecessary

wear and tear, that will cause marks and scratches in the metal .

Always remove your jewelry if you are in contact with chemicals or abrasives.

Silver will tarnish and become a little darker due to contact with air and moisture. Especially if they have not been used for a while, this dark dul surface may appear on the jewelry, this is easily removed with mild soap and a soft toothbrush or cloth, gently brushing the entire jewelry and rinsing in clean water.

The glossy surface can be cleaned with polishing products for silver or copper. Always use polishing products that match the metal you want to polish. NEVER use polishing products on a coating surface (gilt, oxidized or rhodium), these surfaces are best cleaned with a soft cloth.


All coated surfaces will fade and wear in use due to contact with the skin, clothing, air and simple use of the jewelry. Everyday use of a coated jewelry will therefore accelerate the wear of the surface. Therefore, surface treatment is not included in the purchase guarantee.


The acrylic parts are also best cleaned with mild soap and a soft cloth and then rinsed in clean water.

Avoid chemicals and polishes as they can cause scratches and frosted surfaces.


Store your jewelry in a protected place where it is not exposed to external influences and moisture. Store each piece of jewelry in a jewelry bag or box separately, so that the jewelry does not scratch each other unnecessarily. Store the jewelry dry so you avoid damage from the humidity of the air which makes the jewelry dark and dull.