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About Bittondk

The vision

"The thought of bringing uniqueness into other peoples lives is what drives us.

We wish to give you the possibility of creating your own style by combining our jewelery to match your personality - and even your mood.

The artist is you! We give you the tools and offer plenty of

shapes, sizes, materials and colors.

So have fun, express yourself and enjoy our interchangeable jewelery.

We do!"

The Brand

We believe that every person is special. Saying that, there is not a ‘One Size fits All’. Bittondk is your possibility to co-create based on our products, forming and shaping an image that is your own.

Colors, shapes, and the thought that our customers will create new combinations, which we did not even think of, inspire us. Seeing our jewelry used in new way is a joy. New combinations drives us to think out even more possibilities, which expands your options even more.

Simple rounds and squares in a great variety of colors and materials is the basis for shaping the Bitton-style that is all yours, and reflects your personality.


The Person behind the brand

Bente Bitton was born and raised in Denmark.  In 1984, her curiosity brought her to Israel, where she lived until 2002.  Her work reflects this cultural duality combining the Nordic coolness with the warmth and volume of the Middle East. Scandinavian design and Israeli complexity interweaves, forming innovation in the way we use jewelry.